Meep Mop (apple/grape/plum)

Meep Mop (apple/grape/plum)

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what’s your pleasure? we’ve got fruit treasure!  aw...sweet relief!  meeeeep!!  Pippins, Plums and Pinot make up this PPP blend, a loan you'll want to repay for offering your aura a reawakening. fyi - we listened to Dr. Dre, J. Dilla and Peter Tosh while bottling this fruit-nat. please enjoy

70% Newtown Pippin apples from certified organic Mann's in Watsonville, CA 

20% Santa Rosa plums no-spray from Topotero Orchards in San Luis Obispo, CA

10% Pinot Noir grapes non-certified organically grown at Topotero Vineyards in San Luis Obispo, CA

Maceration: Plums – 7 days, Newtown Pippin - 1 day, Pinot Noir - 2 hours

Fermentation: Spontaneous 

Vessel: Flextank and Glass Demijohn

Additives: None

Carbonation: Pet-Nat (sparkling)

750 mL bottle  /  9% alc. by vol.    

Vintage: 2020

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