Henri (apple/quince)

Henri (apple/quince)

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This is a jawn named after a dog. A shepherd mix who lost his tail as a puppy. Couldn't contain his excitement after spotting some birds on the beach. Dude jumped out the back of a moving pickup truck and got his tail ran over. But he's good now. This unfortunate event took place where Toro Creek empties into the Pacific Ocean. If you were to follow this creek inland a few miles you will find the orchard that helped produce this sparkling beverage. Easy and cool, it offers tropical-i moods mixed with quince-y jones tones.

94% Golden Delicious apples and 5% Quince from the organically farmed Majestic Ranch in Cayucos, CA with 1% cider apples from Washington state. 

Maceration: Apples - 1 day / Quince - 7 days

Fermentation: Spontaneous 

Vessel: Heavyweight Polyethylene

Additives: Sugar for carbonation (unfined, unfiltered, zero added sulphur)

Carbonation: Bottle conditioned with U.S. grown organic cane sugar 

500 mL bottle  /  7.82% alc. by vol.   

Artwork: Pearl Wishon

Vintage: 2019