Ooh la-la (apple/strawberry/cherimoya)

Ooh la-la (apple/strawberry/cherimoya)

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Cherimoya are also known as custard apples so it seemed fair to partner them with actual apples. This fruited "cider" drinks like a refreshing adult smoothie on a tropical getaway. The strawberry is hefty yet elegant while the cherimoya adds a creamy deliciousness. A touch of tang kept in check by a kiss of residual sugar. You may even get a few strawberry seed surprises to add to your experience. There's nothing but good clean fun to be had with this somewhat exotic libation.

Cider from certified organic Gala, Fuji and Newtown Pippin apples rested for 33 days on certified organic Strawberries from Providence Farms in Santa Maria and organically grown Cherimoya from Villa Creek Farm in Cayucos.

Maceration: 33 days on whole fruit

Fermentation: Spontaneous 

Vessel: Stainless Steel Tank and Heavyweight Polyethylene

Additives: Sugar for carbonation, 10 ppm sulphur added at pressing of Gala/Fuji apples. 

Carbonation: Bottle conditioned with U.S. grown organic cane sugar 

750 mL bottle  /  7.75% alc. by vol.  

Artwork: Jessica Tringali

Vintage: 2019

Suggested Spotify pairing:  https://open.spotify.com/playlist/79gmK6oyoKMlowutRK9N4m?si=etcFzu5tTkeEkTBX0qJZZQ