Ultraviolet Dreams (grapes)

Ultraviolet Dreams (grapes)

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extra, extra this wine is crispy! with carbonation as a destination, these grapes were picked early to keep the fruit bright and alcohol low. acidity is off the charts, extra jumbo like Mutumbo. the ringing of a rustic soul emanates from this wine's time in a clay amphora. here we have a sparkling rose that goes down easy while slowly blanketing the palate with an umami tsunami. 


100% Pinot Noir grapes (clone 113) farmed organically by Ben Taylor at Topotero, his home vineyard, in the SLO Coast appellation.

Maceration: 1 hour

Fermentation: Spontaneous 

Vessel: Amphora

Additives: Certified Organic, US-grown raw cane sugar (for carbonation)

Carbonation: Sparkling (Traditional Method)

750 mL bottle  /  10.96% alc. by vol.    

Artwork: Cypress Hill meets The Simpsons by Jessica Tringali

Vintage: 2020

suggested Spotify playlist:   https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0LQuNPeyTcUO5Xckc00Dv3?si=64cd94b8b65b44d4