Invite the Night (2019)

Invite the Night (2019)

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A Light Red/Dark Rose pet-nat pizza wine from biodynamically grown Grenache Noir grapes. You know, grown following Rudy Steiner's principles of burying alpaca dung in a lactating cow's horn overwinter then vortexed into a tea come spring to spray across the land. Yup, the fruit in this bottle was literally protected by gnomes and fairies. it's Hella Fresh! as the kids say. Shout-out to Bubble E. Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew.

100% Grenache Noir biodynamically grown by Ryan Roark at Demetria Vineyards in Los Olivos, CA within the Santa Ynez AVA. 

Maceration: 48 hour, foot stomped whole cluster.

Fermentation: Spontaneous 

Vessel: Heavyweight Polyethylene

Additives: None

Carbonation: Petillant Naturel (bottled 10/19/19, disgorged 1/5/21)

750 mL bottle  /  13.42% alc. by vol.  

Artwork: Meghann Schlossberg

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