maybe someday (apples)

maybe someday (apples)

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Think parallelograms (mainly rhombus) draped in Irish linen dissolving on your tongue. This Dabinett-heavy blend of apples has been known to call out names of old flames while it sleeps: Hook's Cheddar, Robiola, Humboldt Fog, Ragged Point, Soumaintrain. Off the press, the Dabinett brought youthful candy vibes of pineapple lifesavers and peach rings. As it has matured in the bottle an aura of sparkling wine may have arisen. Or maybe that's just this cider dreaming of it's future. maybe someday. 

40% Dabinett, 26% Golden Russet, 16% Ashmead's Kernel and 6% Porter's Perfection organically grown from Harmony Orchards in Tieton, WA along with 8% organic Gravenstein from Mendocino County, CA and 4% organic Newtown Pippin from Santa Cruz County, CA.

Maceration: None

Fermentation: Spontaneous

Vessel: Heavyweight Polyethylene and Glass Demijohn

Additives: None (Unfined, Unfiltered)

Carbonation: Pet-Nat 

750 mL bottle  /  8.56% alc. by vol.   

Artwork: Christy Nemeh

Vintage: 2019

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