Moody Waters (apples)

Moody Waters (apples)

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fun little blend of some classic varieties fermented in a clay amphora showing nice and fine tannins, just enough acid zing and juicy yet dry apple fruitiness. no brains were used in the creation of this cider; only heart + soul! made with minimal manipulation, as always.

53% Heirloom apples (Gravenstein, Newtown Pippin) from non-certified biodynamically grown Windrose Farm in Creston, CA and certified organic Five Mile Orchard in Watsonville, CA, respectively. 

47% Bittersharp apples (Kingston Black, Porter's Perfection, Yarlington Mill, Tremlett's Bitter) from non-certified organically grown Kearn's in Dayton, OR

Maceration: Grav - 4 days, Pippin - 2 days

Fermentation: Spontaneous 

Vessel: Amphora

Additives: None

Carbonation: Sparkling (disgorged Pet-Nat)

750 mL bottle  /  7.40% alc. by vol.    

Artwork: Kim Wishon

Vintage: 2020

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