Next Round (apple/grape)

Next Round (apple/grape)

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Hmmm, is it a piquette, co-ferment or fruit wine? All of the above? We have no clue actually. Though it has been confirmed to be a refreshing thirst-quencher. And don't overthink this one. It's easy to look at and fun to gulp. Sort of like a mash-up between tutti frutti and fruity pebbles. With just a touch of tannins to keep you coming back for more. These apples and grapes were both at their point of exaltation during bottling. So this juice will absolutely neutralize all negative energies in your aura. Picnic and Chill? Pop it in the park with some pals! Doowutchyalike

37% organic Gala apples, 33% organic Gravenstein apples, 30% Golden Delicious apples and Grenache Noir grape pomace.

Maceration: Fermenting apple juice spent 9 days on pressed whole cluster grapes

Fermentation: Spontaneous 

Vessel: Stainless Steel Tank 

Additives: Sugar for carbonation, 3 ppm sulphur at bottling :)

Carbonation: Bottle conditioned with U.S. grown organic cane sugar 

750 mL bottle  /  8.20% alc. by vol.  

Vintage: 2019

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