Piney Pete (apples)

Piney Pete (apples)

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strong yet nimble, goofy yet composed, intimidating yet gentle, witty and detailed and giving and unforgettable. Piney Pete: a cider hero. This sparkling beverage has some real good acid on it but won't remove your teeth enamel. There is a delicate touch of smokey/mezcal vibes complimented by some mild elements of cheese. Much along the lines of a proper English cider or quite possibly a dry one from Normandy. It's close to the edge but never a worry of going over. Bring on the shellfish!

13% Harrison apples from Harmony Orchards

57% Ashmead's Kernel apples from Harmony Orchards

30% Tremlett's Bitter/Kingston Black/Porter's Perfection apple blend from Kearn's Family Orchard 

Maceration: None

Fermentation: Spontaneous 

Vessel: Amphora and Flextank

Additives: None

Carbonation: Sparkling via the Pet(e)-Nat method

750 mL bottle  /  7.5% alc. by vol.    


Vintage: 2021

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