Pressed Love '19 (apples)

Pressed Love '19 (apples)

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A single varietal, party pleaser of a pet-nat that is part sour, part funk, part pounder. Goes down easy especially when paired with a Questlove quarantine set. This cider showcases a special heirloom variety that is in danger of disappearing.   

100% Gravenstein apples, certified organic, from the dry-farmed, 140+ year old Gowan's Orchard in Philo, CA. 

Maceration: None

Fermentation: Spontaneous 

Vessel: Heavyweight Polyethylene

Additives: None - unfined, unfiltered, zero S02

Carbonation: Petillant Naturel

750 mL bottle  /  6.6% alc. by vol.   

Artwork: Courtney Gayer

Vintage: 2019