Pretty Pippin' (apples)

Pretty Pippin' (apples)

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It's apples upon apples here and they appear everywhere. Kind of drinks like a spiked sparkling Martinelli's. With that said it's absolutely and positively great for engagements such as weddings, pool parties, yacht clubs and bazaars. Quite simply it's nothing but juice transformed by the wonders of natural fermentation. Come get lifted!!

100% certified organic Newtown Pippin apples from orchardist Jake Mann's century-old Five Mile Orchard in the Pajaro Valley of Santa Cruz County, CA

Maceration: 6 days

Fermentation: Spontaneous 

Vessel: Heavyweight Polyethylene

Additives: None

Carbonation: Methode Ancestrale (bottled 12/23/19, disgorged 3/16/21)

750 mL bottle  /  8.60% alc. by vol.  

Vintage: 2019

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