Rhubenstein GPS '19 (apple/rhubarb)

Rhubenstein GPS '19 (apple/rhubarb)

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Spicy, saline tang paired with floral fun. This "veg-nat" is a tart, refreshing drink meant to be paired with succulent dishes like pork ribs.  

65% Gravenstein apples, certified organic, from the dry-farmed, 140+ year old Gowan's Orchard in Philo, CA.  

35% Rhubarb, untreated, from Trevino Farms in Surf, CA. 

Maceration: Rhubarb – 10 days

Fermentation: Spontaneous (Rhubarb fermented dry, blended 2 days before bottling)

Vessel: Heavyweight Polyethylene

Additives: None - unfined, unfiltered, zero S02

Carbonation: Petillant Naturel

750 mL bottle  /  5.7% alc. by vol.    

Artwork: Constantine Giavos

Vintage: 2019