Together Again '19 (apple/quince)

Together Again '19 (apple/quince)

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This fruit pet-nat is our first ever release!  Complex and balanced. Wild and exotic. Tastes like the joyful revelry that will arise when we are together again.  

94% Newtown Pippin apples, certified organic, from the century-old Five Mile Orchard in Watsonville, CA.

6% Quince harvested from one untreated, century-old tree in the Los Padres National Forest at Majestic Ranch in Cayucos, CA. 

Maceration: Quince – 7 days

Fermentation: Spontaneous (Quince blended 12 days before bottling)

Vessel: Apples - Heavyweight Polyethylene, Quince – Glass Demijohn

Additives: None - unfined, unfiltered, zero S02

Carbonation: Petillant Naturel

750 mL bottle  /  8.5% alc. by vol.     

Artwork: Justine Saint-Lo

Vintage: 2019

Pair with: Groove Armada's 'Don't Give Up'